to partner with businesses to obtain greater levels of brand clarity to achieve greater levels of success within their organizations.

We help companies develop vital,
growth-based frameworks.

To establish greater levels of brand clarity in their organization. Through collaborative partnership and insight-based strategy, we co-innovate with our clients to develop a deeper understanding of their brand and marketing goals and how to strategically achieve them. 

Living by Six Core Values


We’re Pushers

Always pushing for what’s now & next.

EQ versus IQ

Intelligence is cool, but show us your passion.

Kindness is Key

Kind to each other, to our partner clients, & striving to add more kindness to the world.

We're over

Over communicating, over delivering, & over satisfying.

Creativity Knows No Bounds

To us, creativity is studying the rules, to learn the rules, just to break them.

The Status Quo?

We don’t know her.




As CEO and strategist for strategic digital marketing agency, NDVU+LAB, Deon helps lead the process of strategy and research to help companies obtain clarity with their big brand problems. That clarity is then used to establish digital brand positioning, brand infrastructure,  and marketing objectives. 

Around 46% of small businesses struggle with their digital presence and because of that, lose around 80-90% of potential clients and established revenue. Deon saw that through brand strategy, comprehensive research, data-driven marketing, and creative design, a better framework could exist for businesses. A framework that would bring clarity to successfully build  strong digital positioning and digital presence. 

This unique approach to branding has led to serving many small businesses and being featured in Yahoo Finance, Medium, NBC, CBS, and Fox News. He now is involved in many speaking engagements nationally and internationally sharing his concept with thousands of others. 

In his spare time, he loves playing chess or playing the piano to keep the strategic and creative juices flowing at all times!

We are inspired by making
the impossible, attainable.

By fusing both strategic and creative intelligence, we take pride in using insights and imagination to drive your business forward.